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Shop Management


MotorWare Shop Management Software

For over twenty years MotorWare has helped automobile repair shop owners manage the business end of the automotive repair business. MotorWare is a powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use Shop Management software system. Subscribers pay a small monthly fee. The link below shows current pricing. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.  An email is always sent in advance of any monthly billing.   

MotorWareMotorWare carried the Compatible with Windows 8 Logo.  It runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. MotorWare is feature packed:

  1. Customer Management
  2. Vehicle Management
  3. Online License Plate lookup of almost any registered vehicle in the United States.
  4. VIN Decoding  (No need to ever manually enter a VIN into the system. The license plate lookup facility will give you the VIN of almost any vehicle
  5. Invoicing and Repair Orders.
  6. Parts Management
  7. Accept Credit Cards or Scan Checks for Direct Deposit into your Bank Account.5
  8. Online service histories of almost any registered vehicle.
  9. Web based marketing and customer follow up tools.5

For more detailed information, take a glance at the MotorWare Feature Guide.  Still concerned?? Just order our a trial version 3

Trial Version

You may order a trial version4. It is free for the first thirty days3. If you decide to keep the software you need do nothing and you will be billed at the applicable subscription rate2.  Click below to see the rates.

Get a Trial Version

Purchasers of earlier MotorWare products are not Eligible to Order the Trial Version

Contact US

If you want to talk to a live person with either a sales or support question contact us during normal business hours Eastern Time at:Contact MotorWare

Our business hours are 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time. During that time, MotorWare EZ-IP customers are entitled to no charge limited technical support1.  To submit a Sales Inquiry, Just click here. If you are not ready to subscribe to the full version of MotorWare you can request Further Information 

Order a MotorWare EZ-IP 2015  Subscription

Subscribe  and Lookup License Plates, VINs, Telephone Numbers and more 1


Get  MotorWare EZ-IP 2015  Edition


  Windows 8 Compatible

1Use of the VIN Decoder and License Plate Lookup facility requires participation in the vehicle service history program.  You need an Internet connection to access the license plate lookup, telephone number lookup and VIN Decoding features.
2All MotorWare version require a Windows operating system supported by Microsoft. Currently Microsoft only supports Windows Vista, Windows 7 Windows 8 and Windows 10. MotorWare will not run on unsupported Microsoft operating systems.
3To cancel your trial version or MotorWare subscription go to . You will need your order number. Select cancel recurring order. If you cancel within the first thirty days no charges will apply.  Each month you will receive a pre-billing email at the email address you specify when you order the trial version. You may cancel your subscription by following the instructions in the pre-billing email or going to No back subscription fees will be refunded.
4Current and past MotorWare customers are not eligible to order the trial version. 
5Extra Charges May Apply

What is Shop Management Software?

Shop Management

Shop Management software is specialized software that helps run the business of an automobile repair shop. 

Automobile repair shops have unique needs. Shop Management software serves as a central hub for a repair shops computing needs. From the software a  repair shop will track its customers and vehicles.

MotorWare Shop Management software let's a repair shop create invoices and estimates, decode vehicle VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers),  track sales and technician productivity.

A Word About Technical Support

MotorWare EZ-IP 2015  subscribers are entitled to limited email based technical support.   In most instances support for subscribers is limited to two email based support incidents a year.  Due to MotorWare's reasonable license fees, unpaid support incidents are at MotorWare sole discretion.

Charges may (at the discretion of the service technician) apply on a graduated scale.  The system is designed to ensure that the cost of support is borne by the most frequent user's of support or those consuming the most resources, and not the entire MotorWare community.  A Tier One Support Incident my be paid for by clicking here.   A Tier Two Support Incident my be opened by clicking here.

Support for subscribers is available during regular business hours Eastern Time (holidays excluded). Some charges may apply for after hours and weekend support

 For those upgrading from earlier versions of MotorWare, we cannot provide you with help in transferring or locating your data or network configuration and setup of MotorWare. 

If you have any trouble downloading your software, support is available by going to Card Query and submitting a help request.

If you are upgrading we suggest you backup before you upgrade.  Often the best option is to have a computer technician in your area help you perform the upgrade. 

Getting Advanced Support

In some cases we can remotely access your computer to help with an upgrade or other problem. But substantial additional fees may apply.

If you require technical support please submit and (if necessary purchase ) a  Support Incident 

MotorWare reserves the right to close technical support incidents at its own discretion.  We also reserve the right to limit users access to unpaid (subscription) based technical support in case of submission of excessive noncritical support incidents.

Unpaid support generally does not include help in networking MotorWare, locating or recovering your data,  help with usability concerns or "how do I" type questions.