Shop Management


Features and Benefits

  • Manage customer appointment scheduling
  • Create repair orders from calendar entries
  • Print out daily appointment schedules
  • Vin Decoding
  • License Plate Lookup via the Internet
  • Create and print repair orders with up to 10 pages of services and 10 pages of parts
  • Generate and print estimates
  • Track revisions of estimates
  • Calculate ratio of estimates turned into jobs
  • Track open repair orders
  • Track each day's repair orders
  • Customizable list of repairs & services offered.
  • Customizable list of service packages (e.g. 50,000 mile service)
  • Bill labor manually or automatically at hourly or fixed rates
  • Track subcontracts
  • Set standard labor requirements for a service
  • Automated or manual placement of individual and packaged services onto repair order
  • Record technician information
  • Assign jobs to technicians/split jobs
  • Add parts automatically to repair order with automated adjustment of inventory or add parts manually without inventory adjustment for parts not stocked
  • Codes for both parts and services to reduce typing required to enter parts and services onto a repair order
  • Automated dialing of customer's number from the repair order
  • Track repair order status
  • Generate and print invoices
  • Invoice closing at any time
  • Track payment method
  • Interface to AllData
  • Interface to Mitchell (using VME disks) (MotorWare 8.37 and earlier)
  • Shop and technician productivity
  • Gross profit calculation
  • Net profit calculation
  • Charts showing profits
  • Job costing/profitability
  • Reports generated on all aspects of your business, by specified period, customer, service or supplier
  • Create and maintain a list of suppliers
  • Automated supplier telephone dialing and faxing
  • Supplier history files
  • List of recommended services
  • Inventory tracking
  • Locate parts by code
  • Set prices manually or automatically by mark-up % or flat rate
  • Enter parts into repair order directly from inventory
  • Gasoline Storage Tracking
  • Inventory valuation
  • Set reorder levels and reorder warnings
  • Automated purchase order preparation and printing
  • Generate and print invoices
  • Note any customer tax exemptions
  • Accept full or partial payment
  • Track collections by payment method
  • List unpaid/partially paid invoices
  • Warning if customer owes money
  • Track collections by customer
  • Track billings by service type
  • Generate weekly/monthly/yearly billings/collections reports
  • Record new bills
  • Entry of parts received into inventory 
  • View all/unpaid bills
  • Automated dialing of suppliers/utilities
  • Track volume of business conducted with each supplier
  • Customer histories, with optional comments storage and credit warnings
  • Vehicle histories (observations, body damage, additional notes)
  • Service histories
  • Retrieval of historical invoices
  • Searching of customer lists by name or license plate
  • Preventive maintenance tracking and scheduling
  • Customer mailings for oil changes, state inspections and services
  • Integrated word processor
  • Standard marketing letters with automated address merge from customer lists generated by reports on customers due for service etc...
  • Extensive User's Guide in Adobe PDF format.
  • Interactive Tutorials available with MotorWare 2007.
  • Email Based Support  for eligible customers.
  • Data backup and restore functions
  • Intuitive Windows environment
  • Ergonomic design
  • Print Preview for print functions
  • Color coding

All MotorWare version require a Windows operating system supported by Microsoft.  Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP.  MotorWare will not run on unsupported Microsoft operating systems.  MotorWare runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

  Windows 8 Compatible

All features may not be available in all versions or editions of MotorWare.   List is subject to change without notice.

Multiuser Systems

Multiuser Systems

MotorWare EZ-IP 2015  can be networked. Complete instructions are found in the networking instructions section.

To order a networkable version, simply specify a quantity other than 1 (one) when ordering. You will receive a separate license code for each license you ordered.

Please consult a networking specialist in your area for help in setting up your network and networking MotorWare.

While MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 comes with limited email based support, that support does not cover Networking issues.