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Frequently Asked Questions

What Windows Versions does MotorWare Run ?
MotorWare EZ-IP is compatible with Windows® Vista™,  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. For further information see MotorWare and supported Windows Versions. I
How much does MotorWare Cost?
Complete pricing is available by going to our secure order page. Our pricing is updated frequently. The best way to review our prices is to examine the actual order page.
I am upgrading from an earlier version of MotorWare. How do I upgrade?
You may purchase a MotorWare EZ-IP subscription by going to our online store. section. Carefully enter the number of computers on which you run MotorWare. The system will automatically work out pricing for you.
Can I Get a Demonstration CD of MotorWare?
You may view an interactive MotorWare demonstration directly in your browser. MotorWare is priced in the hundreds of dollars. You may order and download a full working version of MotorWare by going to our  secure order page.
Is A Multi-User Version Available?
The software available at our secure order page is multi-user ready. Simply order a separate license for each computer which will run MotorWare  To learn how to set up MotorWare in a multi-user environment view the the knowledge base article on network installation
How long does it take to get a copy of MotorWare?
MotorWare is available for immediate download from our web server. Just go to secure order page. You will need a high speed internet connection to download your copy of the software.
I need an authorization code. How can I get one?
Please go to our authorization code request system.
The MotorWare authorization code system has changed. In that past users were given are serial number of the form
10 30 38 D7 B3 16 3C
or of the form
Those  systems are no longer supported. Instead you will need a new 29 digit license key. These license keys take the form:
Authorization codes for MotorWare Professional are no longer available. That system has been discontinued. Current customers may purchase an upgrade to MotorWare 2007 and a new authorization code by going to our authorization code request system . Please be advised that MotorWare 2007 is not a supported product and these codes are made available for a fee as a courtesy to our current customers We recommend you subscribe to MotorWare EZ-IP 2015.
Can I Use My License Key on More than One Computer?
Each license key is valid on a single computer. Reusing the license key on another computer may cause unpredictable results. You must enter your license key into the software. You are prompted to activate the software the first time you use the software. To activate the software, you must have an internet connection. 
What Do I Do if I need to Transfer my Software to Another Computer?
If you need to transfer you software to another computer and you are a MotorWare EZ-IP 2011 subscriber go to our authorization code section.  If you are a MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 subscriber and can provide license key information, there may be no charge for transferring your license to another computer.  If you qualify, you will be sent a new license key by email.  To transfer your data to another computer, create a backup of your data on the old computer. Restore that data to your new computer.   
If you are a MotorWare 2007 User or a MotorWare Professional user and wish to transfer your license to a new computer we suggest you consider upgrading to MotorWare EZ-IP 2015.  If you do not wish to upgrade additional licenses seats to MotorWare 2007 are available as a courtesy for a nominal charge. Please be aware that MotorWare 2007 is no longer a supported product.  MotorWare Professional, a Windows XP version of MotorWare is no longer available for sale.
I would like to add a new seat.
If you would like to add a new computer and are not moving your MotorWare license from another computer, you will have to purchase an additional seat. MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 users may go to our new seat section to complete the transaction.  Be aware the monthly subscription charges may apply.
I've just purchased MotorWare? What help is available to me?
MotorWare comes complete with extensive training facilities. These facilities include an online user's guide, interactive tutorials and training modules. Click on the Help menu item in MotorWare for more information.
The software comes with a thirty day  return policy. For MotorWare EZ-IP users, limited technical support is available by email.  Issues such as data recovery, data transfer or general "how-to" questions are not  covered under this limited support policy.  MotorWare reserves the right to limit your access to support in cases of excessive use.


What About Support?

Frequently Asked Questions

  MotorWare EZ-IP users are entitled to   limited email support.

  Usability concerns or issues such as data recovery, data transfer, networking and multi-user setup or general "how-to" questions are not  covered under this limited support policy.  This limitation includes the "where is my data" question.  MotorWare reserves the right to limit your access to support in cases of excessive use.

No support is available to user sof MotorWare Professional  or MotorWare 2007.  User's of those systems who desire support should upgrade to   MotorWare EZ-IP 2015.