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MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 is MasterWare Inc.'s flagship shop management product. With MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 a user can retrieve vehicle information from a license plate, look up VIN (Vehicle Identification) numbers and search for customer's telephone numbers on the Internet.

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MotorWare 2007 Edition

MotorWare EZ-IP  2015


For a limited time we are waving the activation charge to new subscribers to MotorWare EZ-IP 2015.



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MotorWare EZ-IP 2015

If you own or work in an automobile repair shop and are considering software to help run your business, you will want to consider MotorWare shop management software.

To learn more about MotorWare you may wish to view our online demonstration program or examine the feature list.

MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 carries   Compatible with Windows 8®  logo.  Extensive work has been done to ensure that it runs as well on Windows 7 and Windows Vista as it does on Windows XP.

MotorWare EZ-IP 2015  is full featured.  MotorWare functions include management features such as appointment scheduling and a   calendar, repair orders and estimates, reports and productivity, and supplier information.

There are also inventory features such as parts tracking and a listing of recommended services. Accounting  finance and marketing features are incorporated into the program as well. 

Customers, parts and services all can be found, chosen and resorted conveniently and easily. Repair Orders contain extensive details about what has been done to a car and  the parts necessary for each service.

Parts and labor times may be brought into a Repair Order from AllData’s Service Advisor CD-ROM library. 

The system maintains inclusive service histories for your customers and their vehicles. All of these features are accessible and customizable with a few mouse clicks. 


Users can pick from over 12 different predefined repair order templates.  That gives you unprecedented control over how you present information to your clients.

The VIN Decoder included with MotorWare let's a user quickly decode a vehicle's VIN.  Once decoded, information such as country of origin, year, make, model and engine are quickly available.

MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 contains only primitive features for managing fuel pumps. We suggest you purchase additional software for that purpose.


 Windows 8 Compatible


MotorWare Professional

Effective immediately, support and sales of MotorWare Professional have been discontinued. MotorWare Professional ran only on Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows.  Current customers who wish do not wish to order MotorWare EZ-IP 2015.

MotorWare  2007

 MotorWare 2007 has been discontinued.  If you need a new copy of  MotorWare please order MotorWare EZ-IP 2015.




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About the Order Process


MotorWare is available for immediate download from our online store.  Once you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email.

That email will contain a link from which you can download the MotorWare software, an email address where support requests can be directed,  and a 35 or 29 digit license key.

You must use this license key to install the software. These license keys will not work with older versions of the software.

Once the software is installed you will need to connect briefly to the Internet in order to activate the software.  During the activation request, our servers are contacted to check the validity of your license. Some firewall programs can block your activation request. It is a good idea to either define MotorWare to your firewall software or disable the software when trying to activate MotorWare.

Technical support is limited to questions concerning activation. It is available via email only for the first thirty days after you purchase your license.