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Networking MotorWare

Applies to: MotorWare All Releases

Last updated: Thursday November 08, 2007.


To run MotorWare on a computer network you must (a) install MotorWare on each computer, which will run MotorWare and (b) create a shared set of data files called a Company. These data files should be located on a shared drive which each computer running MotorWare has read/write access.   You must be sure that this shared drive is properly mapped on each computer.  We recommend using folder names with no spaces.

It is also crucial to run the MotorWare Installation Program on each computer. MotorWare Setup creates special registry values needed to run the program.   


1.     Use the MotorWare installation CD to install MotorWare Professional on each computer in the network that will run MotorWare.

2.     You must obtain an authorization code for each computer in your network, which will run MotorWare.   You may use the License Diskettes if provided.

3.     One computer in your network must function as a “Server”. All computers in the network should be able to access the hard drive of this computer. The computers must have Read/Write Access to this hard drive. We recommend that this shared drive be mapped to the same drive letter on all computers in the network. Optionally you may use the UNC name for the drive.

 4.     Start MotorWare on one of the computers in the network.   (NOTE:  If you do not have an authorization disk for MotorWare and cannot get into MotorWare – go to this screen by starting the Administration Utility located in the MotorWare folder on the Start Menu.)  

5.     From the File menu select Open/Create Company.  A window Similar the screen below will appear. Select New from the List.  The images are from MotorWare 2007.

Open Company

6.A new line appears where you can specify a company name and a company location

New Company

7. Type in a descriptive name for the Company. For Example the Name of Your Business.

8. You must also type in a location for you Company. This Location MUST be on the Shared Server hard disk. For example if the shared hard disk is mapped as Drive D: you might type:  D:\COMPANY as your company location. (Do not confuse the backslash \ with the forward slash /). We recommend that the folder you enter in “Location of New Company” have no blank spaces. You may click on the ... icon on the right if you need to browse for a location. This is particularly helpful if you are looking for a folder in a networked location.

Open Company

9. The company is created once you move off the line or hit return. Hit cancel to avoid creating the company

10. You will return to the Open Create Company Screen

11.  Select the Company you just Created and Click on Open

12.  Exit MotorWare.

13.  Repeat Steps 4-13 on each computer that will access the shared Company. In each case you must give the same company name and location.  Please be aware that the physical company location may be mapped to a different drive letter on different computers. For example, if the folder is C:\MYDATA on the Server computer it may be mapped as E:\MYDATA on a client computer.  

Preserving Data

If you started with a single user version of MotorWare you may wish to copy the files in your DATA folder to the new shared MotorWare Company Folder.  Be sure to Migrate first. Your MotorWare DATA folder is found in C:\MOTOR\MOTOR31x, where x is the release level of MotorWare.  Copy this DATA folder to your new Company folder.

Do Not MOVE the folder

About Networking



Networking help is not covered under our thirty day limited support policy. If you are trying to network two or more computers together to use MotorWare and are having difficulties, we suggest you contact a computer professional in your area.

Network setup can be a daunting task, particularly in a Windows 7 environment.  A skilled professional can usually resolve these problems quickly and efficiently however.