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MotorWare Technical Support

MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 Subscribers

MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 subscribers are entitled to limited technical support.  That generally means two email based support incidents a year. Charges however may (at the discretion of the service technician) apply to any support incident.  Factors that go into a charging decision are without limitation, frequency of use of technical support and the nature of the support incident. 

A support request may be submitted by going to our Support Request page or by sending an email to the email address you received in your subscription confirmation page.   Restrictions apply to your use of technical support.  Please review the sidebar Support Basics for further information regarding our Technical Support Policy.

You should also review our support resources section located in the sidebar at the right.  MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 subscribers can switch their license from one computer to another or order additional seats.

MotorWare Professional Users

MotorWare Professional 2007, a Windows XP program is no longer available for sale and is no longer supported. Users of that product should consider upgrading to  a MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 subscription.  Users of MotorWare Professional have any questions may fill out a Support Request . If you do not have a license key, leave that field blank. We will happy to discuss any concerns or issues you may have regarding support and migration.  Please be aware that filling out the technical support form does not entitle you to technical support. It merely allows you to contact us so that we can discuss any migration concerns you may have.

Before filling out  a support request please  review our support resources section located in the sidebar at the right.  Pay particular attention to the "Find out about Legacy Software" link on the right.  A legacy version of MotorWare 2015 is available to users who qualify.

There are many advantages to subscribing to MotorWare EZ-IP 2015.  For example, users  can run the license plates of their customers and obtain information about their customer's vehicle.  The license plate database is automatically updated with new registration information, You need do nothing. That's why we recommend you subscribe to MotorWare EZ-IP 2015.

MotorWare 2007 Users

MotorWare 2007 has also been discontinued.   Technical Support is no longer available for MotorWare 2007  or MotorWare Professional.  Users who require support should consider upgrading to a MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 subscription.

Among the factors that weighed into a decision to   discontinue   MotorWare 2007 was the expense of maintaining separate versions of the software with different functionality.  New releases of the Windows operating system require upgrades to our software.  Upgrading several different versions and editions of MotorWare was not cost effective.

We think a MotorWare EZ-IP 2015 subscription is a good value.  We hope you will consider subscribing.

Further Resources

For further support information, please see:

  1. Install MotorWare on a new Computer (MotorWare EZ-IP subscribers only)
  2. Get an Additional MotorWare EZ-IP Seat.
  3. Submit a Support Request
  4. Network Installation Instructions
  5. Frequently Asked Questions.
  6. Find out about Legacy software








Support Policy

Support Basics

MotorWare EZ-IP subscribers are entitled to limited email based technical support.  You may contact support by submitting a support incident on the form on the left. Support included with your subscription is generally limited to two email based support requests per year.

After that, charges may (at the discretion of the service technician) apply on a graduated scale.  The system is designed to ensure that the cost of support is borne by the most frequent user's of support and not the entire MotorWare community

Support is not available MotorWare 2007 or MotorWare Professional. These are end of life products. You may continue to use these products on the computer for which you purchased a license,, but technical support is not available

Usability concerns or issues such as data recovery, data transfer, networking and multi-user setup or general "how-to" questions are not  covered under this limited support policy.  This limitation includes the "where is my data" question.  MotorWare reserves the right to limit your access to support in cases of excessive use

 MotorWare reserves the right to limit your access to support in cases of excessive use and to close a support incident at this sole discretion.

Technical support does not cover "training" or "how do I" scenarios. Users should consult the MotorWare User's Guide and other documentation.

Finding your License Key

 You may find your license key by going to Help-->About in MotorWare. The key is also in the confirmation email you were sent when you licensed the software.

If you have a valid key and your initial thirty day support period has expired, you must purchase a maintenance contract. After you submit your support request, you will be emailed with details on how to purchase a maintenance contract.